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We are a Mexican and Canadian company specialized in the recruitment and selection of workers.We guarantee a legal, orderly and safe recruitment service for both employers and their hired workers.

We have operating licenses as a recruitment agency in the Canadian provinces to which we send workers, being the first in Mexico to obtain them.

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companies in Canada have trusted us

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workers placed in the last 9 years

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years of experience

We have a team with more than 20 years of experience made up of psychologists, labor mobility specialists, immigration consultants, medical specialists in the evaluation of temporary foreign workers, all committed to attract the right talent to ensure the skills and ability of workers with potential to be hired, ensuring a personalized service according to the activities and needs of each company, with the certainty that they will receive workers capable of meeting their expectations.

Your future work begins here with Working Link

Discover how Working Link facilitates international job placement with certainty and transparency. Meet our team, our recruitment process, and the efficient immigration management we offer for working in Canada.

In Working Link we work as a company that assumes all commercial relationship with employers under the principle of being more than a service provider, a strategic business partner de negocio, maintaining our social commitment to promote and encourage international labor mobility in a legal, ethical and orderly manner, under strict standards and guidelines of safety and quality in all the services we offer.

Certainty and clarity are our main values. We know that the challenges of international labor demand change rapidly and, therefore, we are prepared and committed to turn those challenges into an opportunity.

Step by step and together with our business partners, Working Link connects people and together we change lives.

Accreditation permissions in Canada

Our Work

Meaningful connections and exceptional teams set us apart, as do:


In the processes of recruitment and selection of workers, guaranteeing the labor relevance and experience of workers according to the needs and expectations of each employer.


In that the selected workers will arrive in the estimated time and, being clear with the workers in each of our recruitment processes.


Our operations are developed in full compliance with Mexican and Canadian legislation, particularly guaranteeing the NO charge to the workers for the labor linkage.

Our team

Learn about all the areas we have to achieve and complete the effective and transparent hiring of workers.

Every day we evaluate candidates for different sectors, for this we have developed our own recruitment process to identify the appropriate profiles according to the needs of each employer. We have the infrastructure and a specialized recruitment team to select the best profiles that meet the immigration and work experience requirements.

Our team performs the evaluations in person to have a direct approach with the candidate and obtain evaluations with real results, supported by tools such as control and confidence tests to detect when the candidate hides important information that could be decisive to speed up the process and to evaluate their personal information.

Also, in coordination with our medical team specialized in the evaluation of temporary workers, we perform medical and toxicological tests on candidates to ensure that they are in optimal health. 

Our immigration processing team is in charge of preparing, reviewing, submitting, monitoring and supporting the work permit applications of the hired workers. 

Thanks to our good relationship with the Canadian embassy, we can have direct contact to follow up on any necessary requirements and avoid delays during the process. Due to the large number of workers we send to Canada, we are the only recruitment agency in Mexico that has reserved spaces to schedule appointments at the VAC (Visa Application Center) in Mexico City for the biometric registration of workers, which has allowed us to significantly reduce waiting times even further.

To date, we have a 95% approval rate on the applications and work permit applications we have submitted to the Canadian Embassy and no rejections at the port of entry (POE) for more than 1000 workers placed in recent years.

The order and safekeeping of the information is in charge of our team in the documentation and hiring area. They are in charge of requesting documents from workers as part of the dossier to be submitted for the application of work permits and payments for embassy procedures.

They organize meetings with workers to review their contracts and attend to any doubts regarding their signature and clarification. The documentation team works as a support to guide you in the signing of forms, to update the paperwork with the Canadian government, to provide you with the digital documentation of your workers through our employer module and to supervise the paperwork that workers must present on the day of their arrival in Canada.

The Business Liaison team is the first contact between you and the rest of the Working Link team. They will give you a brief introduction to how the process works, as well as answer any initial questions you may have and help you feel confident from the beginning and throughout the process.

According to the instructions of your order, the Working Link team will assign you to the area and the person who will handle the process of your application, in addition to reviewing with you the first documents required as part of the hiring of our services and assisting you with any access and operation of the employer module through which you will have access to our system to follow your orders in real time and thus streamline our communication with you.

Once we have received the approval of the work permits, the flight team will coordinate with you to make sure that on the day of the flight each of your contracted workers has all the necessary documentation, in addition to organizing briefings with them to clarify final details about everything they need to know, such as baggage restrictions, living conditions in Canada, review of their contract information, general doubts, commitments and obligations, among others.

As part of the team's work, we accompany the workers on the day of their flight to the airport terminal in Mexico to ensure that the workers will board their flight. We understand the importance of this part and the risk that a ticket may be lost, so we are present with the workers to immediately address any situation that may arise at the airport.

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